Stepping into the Unknown World

Stepping into the unknown is always a scary feeling. Discovering the unknown can also give you that sense of excitement and thrill that makes you feel alive again.

View of London's skyline

Stepping into the unknown is always a scary feeling. Discovering the unknown can also give you that sense of excitement and thrill that makes you feel alive again.

London Weather

I had just turned eighteen and wanted to really step out of my comfort zone. I had just finished a summer job which had given me some extra savings along with my savings I had kept throughout high school. I didn’t want to waste my savings but I also didn’t want to become a scrooge and never have any fun.
I was always told that travel expands your mind and I wanted to explore somewhere that was way out of my comfort zone. I had never traveled overseas by myself before so this was really diving off the deep end!

Coming from Australia I thought the first stop on my travels should be somewhere old and rich in history. My first thought that came to mind was the United Kingdom. Old architecture and cities was far from what I had to look at in my tiny little country town. We had one general store, a post office, a town hall and a primary school. The highlight for me in the town is the railway station which can get you out and into the city.

Travel Planning

I walked myself into a travel agent to get a few brochures on ideas of where to go. As I looked around the store I became to feel lightheaded, there were so many brochures on every location you could think of. I started to rethink maybe United Kingdom isn’t the first destination!? Maybe I should browse through a few more countries. I wanted this first trip to be something I could remember for a lifetime and with the savings I had, I didn’t want it going to waste on a trip that I hadn’t planned very well. As I was browsing through, a travel agent who was similar age to me suggested a few brochures for me to take away and have a read of some different options before making my big decision. I thanked her and thought sitting down a really looking over each brochure may help me to make a better decision.

Once home I settled in with a hot drink and the brochures. The travel agent had given me a few different brochures on United Kingdom and some European destinations as well as a Contiki brochure. Looking at all the destinations made my decision more difficult with amazing landscapes and activities to choose from. I started to look through the Contiki brochure and although this wasn’t my first choice for brochure reading, it ended up being my last. Instead of choosing just one destination, I ended up choosing multiple destinations! Not only could I choose to see London, but I also got the opportunity to see France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and a few other places! I saw so many things on my trip which open my eyes to a greater wide world for me to explore. Meeting new people also helped me come out of my shell a lot more. The opportunity to experience so much in the one trip was amazing and it truly ended up being one of those trips that has become a memory of a lifetime that I always think back to and smile. It has been a part of making me who I am today.


Telephone Booths found in London

Whether or not you are an experience traveler looking for something different or brand new to traveling, I would suggest looking at Contiki for your trip. They have changed since I first went on a trip and now have various travel style for their trips. So if you prefer to relax as you travel or are more interested in camping they have these various options for you to choose from.


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